Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dale Robertson | Moral Leadership in the 21st Century | September 04, 2003 | BYU Broadcasting

Here is one of my all time favorite talks from Dale Robertson. He delivered this address when I was in my junior year when I was at BYU-H.

Dale Robertson | Moral Leadership in the 21st Century | September 04, 2003 | BYU Broadcasting

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A bit of a break

I have been very busy lately. I am sometimes amazed at how busy things are now that I am married. But it is all okay. At least I no longer have my BYU practicum hanging over my head. As a matter of fact, I passed the year-long ordeal with an A-. I was kind of doubtful after the first semester, but kicked things into high gear and came out on top.

My interest/borderline obsession with N.T. Wright is still going rather strong. I have read three of his books and am working on my fourth which happens to be the second part of a commentary on the Epistle to the Romans.

While I appreciate the NRSV and the REB, despite all it problems and arcane language, the King James Version remains the translation I like the most and spend the most time reading. Just the overall literary quality of the book makes it worthwhile and one reason why I support the Church in sticking with what should be considered the cornerstone of western thought and literature.

Tina is presenting her GT (gifted and talented) portfolio this afternoon. She most of the day working on it, revising her paper and moving things around in her binder. When she gets home, we are going to celebrate by going out to dinner with Matt and his friends for his birthday. We might do some more celebrating later ;-)

Well, that's it from me. Lots of random thoughts here but hey, that's how my life is going these days. Random, busy, and good. I have a great life!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally! A good night's sleep

I must admit that ever since we got back from the honeymoon, neither of us have been sleeping well. Tuesday afternoon I was so tired after work that it was almost painful. I slept okay Wednesday night but still had that "I didn't get a good night's sleep feeling" which is something I do not like. That, and being hungry.

Well, for the first time since leaving for the wedding, I practice my sleep hygiene techniques and they made all the difference. Nothing could disturb me. Not even when Colby (who spent the night with us last night) came in to use the bathroom to get ready at 3:45 this morning in preparation for his trip to Jordan.

I feel great. I am doing my sleep hygiene from now on come hell or high water. I refuse to enjoy ill sleep.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just married

I am grateful that Sunday is a day of rest. Yesterday was exhausting. Tina and I spent all day, and well into the night, getting our lives and stuff settled from the wedding and honeymoon. The day began early early and we did not go to bed until well after midnight. Needless to say, or as I have said before, we were both very, very tired.

It was good. We got a lot done and were still able to do much of what we wanted to do as well. I suspect that future Saturday's will not be nearly as busy. I also think that right now neither of us have much motivation to move, but we will cross that bridge once we come to it.

Well, it is now a couple of hours later and we are sitting down to eat some wedding cake. We have decided that it is too good to save for later and that we have to eat it now....

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sitting down

Tina and I just got home.  Well, not in the sense that we just walked through the door and this is the first thing I am doing, but you get the picture.  We have been home for a relatively short period of time.

This morning I went through my temple clothes and realized I needed a new tie.  So, we went to Deseret Book to see what they had in the way of temple ties.  While we were there, Tina realized she needed some scripture marking pencils.  So, I bought the tie and the pencils and then we went to lunch.

Lunch was less than stellar.  It was just okay.  We went to a soup and sandwich place.  I thought my sandwich was good, but the soup was wanting.  I mean you'd expect to find actual cauliflower in your cauliflower cheese soup.  Alas there must have been the minimum amount of cauliflower the FDA will allow in order to claim cauliflower as one of the main attractions.  Also, the texture of soup was something I had a hard time getting past.  I am usually not a picky eater, but I just felt like I could not eat.  I thankful Tina shared part of her sandwich with me.

My mom and dad should be here in a couple of hours.  It will be good to have them around and spend some time with them before the big day on Saturday.  We are going to have dinner and hang out with Tina's family tonight and then do who knows what tomorrow.  

I shouldn't say who knows what.  I know that Tina's mom, my mom, and other women in the Idaho Falls area will get their hair done.  I suspect that my heart will continue beating and the process of oxygen exchange will continue to take place in my body and hopefully in yours.

With that said, Tina and are going to meet with her financial planner to combine our finances under one account which will be nice.

Well, that's it for now.  I will be back later.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy but having a good time

I was pretty busy yesterday afternoon. After the kids went downstairs, we had our weekly faculty meeting. I resolved myself to go back to my classroom and finish my lesson planning for when I am gone. Sadly, my resolve was not strong enough. Faculty meeting just took it out of me and I could not bring myself to go back there to work. Instead, I decided to go to my house and pack up more of my stuff.

I am surprised at how close I am to being totally packed up and moved out. It has been quite an undertaking. I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last couple of years and am having a hard time with packing a lot of it up and putting it in storage.

Luke and Bonnie Starr came over last night to visit with Tina and me. We all went to Brick Oven and had a great time. I hope Tina and I will be able to keep doing things with them after we are married. They live in Salt Lake, but that really shouldn't stand in the way.

Last night was my last night in my apartment as a single person. I slept good. Perhaps a little too good considering I did not wake up until 7:15 this morning. I usually wake up around 6:45am, but forgot to switch my cell, which I use as my alarm clock, from vibrate to ring. That simple mistake shot holes in my desire to be to work on time this morning.

Well, I just have to make it through today and then I am home free. I think the kids will watch a movie this afternoon regardless of their behaviors. Stick a fork in me. I am done.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great News

This is too good to keep to myself. I have some wonderful news, almost as good as the news that I am getting married this Saturday.

Are you sitting down? If you are not, I suggest you find a chair and plant both pockets firmly on it. Here goes. Mom Davis just switched to Mac. This is big. Her life is about to change in meaningful ways.

I joined the The Church Apple about four years ago when I bought a twelve inch iBook G4 laptop. I love that computer. It has had absolutely no problems and has been, by far and wide, the best computer I have ever owned, period.

I must admit that I am kind of concerned about the future of Apple now that Steve Jobs has stepped aside for health reasons. Hopefully we do not see a repeat of what happened after Jobs was fired in the 80's and the company almost tanked.

Well, enough about Mom and her conversion. I am so excited to see it when we go up to Idaho Falls tomorrow evening.

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