Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great News

This is too good to keep to myself. I have some wonderful news, almost as good as the news that I am getting married this Saturday.

Are you sitting down? If you are not, I suggest you find a chair and plant both pockets firmly on it. Here goes. Mom Davis just switched to Mac. This is big. Her life is about to change in meaningful ways.

I joined the The Church Apple about four years ago when I bought a twelve inch iBook G4 laptop. I love that computer. It has had absolutely no problems and has been, by far and wide, the best computer I have ever owned, period.

I must admit that I am kind of concerned about the future of Apple now that Steve Jobs has stepped aside for health reasons. Hopefully we do not see a repeat of what happened after Jobs was fired in the 80's and the company almost tanked.

Well, enough about Mom and her conversion. I am so excited to see it when we go up to Idaho Falls tomorrow evening.