Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just married

I am grateful that Sunday is a day of rest. Yesterday was exhausting. Tina and I spent all day, and well into the night, getting our lives and stuff settled from the wedding and honeymoon. The day began early early and we did not go to bed until well after midnight. Needless to say, or as I have said before, we were both very, very tired.

It was good. We got a lot done and were still able to do much of what we wanted to do as well. I suspect that future Saturday's will not be nearly as busy. I also think that right now neither of us have much motivation to move, but we will cross that bridge once we come to it.

Well, it is now a couple of hours later and we are sitting down to eat some wedding cake. We have decided that it is too good to save for later and that we have to eat it now....