Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I got my hairs cut yesterday. It was quite an experience. I got to see firsthand what happens when women go to the salon. This is big. Perhaps what I am about to write will involve the revealing of secrets more secret than those kept by the Freemasons.

The secret I will uncover is how women get their hair colored. It involves much aluminum foil and a paste which looks a lot like poi. After the part of the hair is wrapped in aluminum foil, the stylist then dips a brush in the poi and puts it in the hair of your beloved (or at least that is what they did to my beloved).

After the poi treatment, the woman then has to wait. For what I am not sure, but it during that time, if she brought her fiance along to get a hair cut, the stylist works on him. This takes about twenty minutes.

Finally, the aluminum foil is removed and the stylist washes the woman's hair. This is called washing out.

After the wash out, the stylist then applies her secret arts of the scissors. These are carefully guarded secrets, so much so that I was forced to flee the Salon/Lodge. I left in such a hurry that I forgot to pick up the cheese we would be having for dinner. Once I arrived in the safety of my home, I hid under the covers, convulsed with tears.

My hair looks good. Well, it looks about as good as it can for man who is quickly loosing it. Will I go back? I feel duty bound to learn all the secret rituals and rites of the Salon and expose them to the world, bringing them out of murky darkness and into the light of day.


Teeners said...

You were not kicked out, and did you really go home and convulse in tears? You make me laugh! I love you!