Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy but having a good time

I was pretty busy yesterday afternoon. After the kids went downstairs, we had our weekly faculty meeting. I resolved myself to go back to my classroom and finish my lesson planning for when I am gone. Sadly, my resolve was not strong enough. Faculty meeting just took it out of me and I could not bring myself to go back there to work. Instead, I decided to go to my house and pack up more of my stuff.

I am surprised at how close I am to being totally packed up and moved out. It has been quite an undertaking. I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last couple of years and am having a hard time with packing a lot of it up and putting it in storage.

Luke and Bonnie Starr came over last night to visit with Tina and me. We all went to Brick Oven and had a great time. I hope Tina and I will be able to keep doing things with them after we are married. They live in Salt Lake, but that really shouldn't stand in the way.

Last night was my last night in my apartment as a single person. I slept good. Perhaps a little too good considering I did not wake up until 7:15 this morning. I usually wake up around 6:45am, but forgot to switch my cell, which I use as my alarm clock, from vibrate to ring. That simple mistake shot holes in my desire to be to work on time this morning.

Well, I just have to make it through today and then I am home free. I think the kids will watch a movie this afternoon regardless of their behaviors. Stick a fork in me. I am done.